Severin Stojanovic

Ottawa, Canada

8 May 2007



Dear Mr. Schmidt,


Your book Disciplined Minds has impacted my life in a drastic way. I will never again experience my interactions with my fellow physics graduate students and professors at the University of Ottawa, let alone the administrators of this corporation, in the same way. Thank you!


I am a graduate student representative on the Council of the Faculty of Science, which is chaired by the Dean of the Faculty of Science. One thing Ive definitely learned in my involvement with Council is that the institution does not respect logic! They only calculate losses. Therefore, I find it very difficult as a student to not become submissive to the institution. This is very frustrating, of course. But as you advocate in your book, I am part of an independent external group, which is absolutely necessary not only for support in particular struggles, but also to prevent one from being absorbed by the institution.


I recently e-mailed the members of our independent campus organization to recommend that they read Disciplined Minds. My message concluded like this: If I were to highlight key, important statements and phrases in this book, I would have to highlight every word of every sentence written. Everything Jeff writes resonates with such clarity, precision, and truthfulness of my own experiences thus far, especially with the Faculty Council. Either Jeff truly understands what is going on at the most fundamental level, or he is simply one of the best clairvoyants. However, I vehemently deny the existence of the latter. This book is a must, must, read! I believe that one will find more truth in it than in the Bible.




Severin Stojanovic


Graduate student

Department of Physics

University of Ottawa, Canada