Jack Saunders

Panama City, Florida

7 December 2007



Dear Jeff Schmidt.


I saw I wasn't going to get my PhD in anthropology at Tulane and signed up for Thesis to draw my stipend, stayed at home, and taught myself to write.  I stole the last year of my NDEA fellowship.  I started writing September 1, 1971.  Still at it.  I found that writing has been professionalized, corporatized, and the first thing they want to know is why did you leave your last position.  You can't say they wanted me to eat shit and lie, because that's what they want.  My latest book is No. 302.  It's called Anthropologist-in-Residence (AIR), www.thedailybulletin.com/air/air.htm.  I am a handyman at the L. A. (Lower Alabama) Folk Life Center.  I was radicalized.  I enjoyed your book, Disciplined Minds: A Critical Look at Salaried Professionals and the Soul-Battering System That Shapes Their Lives.




Jack Saunders