Dear Jeff,


I am employed as a professor of physics at the University of Ottawa.


Your book Disciplined Minds touched me very deeply -- in fact it shook me up and has changed how I teach undergrad classes and how I interact with my graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.  One of my graduate students is now reading it, as is one of my colleagues.


It is one of a few books that have had this kind of effect on me.  Others are Representations of the intellectual by Edward Said and On power and ideology by Noam Chomsky.  I now define myself as being both an intellectual (in the sense of Said) and a radical professional!


Would it be possible for you to accept an invitation to give a talk on this campus?  If so, I would be most happy to organize it and to host your visit.




Denis G. Rancourt


Department of Physics

University of Ottawa

Ottawa, Ontario