Rio de Janeiro


26 November 2007





Your book helped me a lot during my PhD, which was a horror story.  My PhD, which I eventually after nine years gave up, was the worst period of my life.  I never liked the atmosphere at NYU (math) and truly hated the system of exams.  I passed them all without failing, but the last one left a mark on me.  I had to go through counseling and postpone it two or three times.  I came to hate mathematical research more than I hate anything else.


I still suffer a lot from this experience, since I had to return to Brazil without the diploma, which put me in trouble with my funding agency and also put me in a very bad spot in the job market.  Currently I have a job that is uninteresting, but still allows me to pay the bills.  Your book made me realize that I was not alone in this madness.  Thank you for that.




P.S.  It was also the only time I remember having read anything on affirmative action that made any sense.