Ruth M. Guzley

Associate Professor, Graduate Coordinator

and Leadership Minor Coordinator

Department of Communication Arts and Sciences

California State University

Chico, California 95929

17 April 2003



Dr. Schmidt,


I just finished your book Disciplined Minds.  There is little I can add to the positive comments of your reviewers except that it has had a significant impact on my perspective of academia, academicians, and professionals across the board.  Self-examination is not an easy or an enjoyable task.  Thank you for this important contribution, which I understand came at great personal cost to you.


I am a member of the International Leadership Association ( and am putting together a panel for our next annual conference.  In the years I have been teaching leadership I have been surprised by the minimal attention dissent has received in leadership research.  That surprise, coupled with current events on an organizational, national, and international level, have propelled me to propose a panel at the upcoming conference where scholars could discuss dissent from a broad range of contexts and perspectives.


After reading Disciplined Minds, I would very much like for you to be a part of this panel, addressing how we socialize professionals to become “obedient thinkers” and therefore suppress dissent.  I appreciate your consideration of my request and look forward to hearing from you soon.


Ruth Guzley