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13 December 2010



Check this out...


I posted this link on my Facebook page with the following comments:


"This reminded me of the book Disciplined Minds by Jeff Schmidt.  This book makes the interesting point that none of the people who posed as a doctor were caught because of incompetence.  They were caught either because somebody started digging their past because of jealousy or because someone was doing a background check because they had been awarded some prize or other.  Check out"


Also you might like to check out the curious case of Dr. Gabor Lukacs, a courageous untenured prof at my old university -- the University of Manitoba.  You can find a number of stories on Dr. Lukacs here...


Thanks for your great book.  I always recommend it to everyone who wants to do a PhD, along with chapter 7 of Noam Chomsky's Understanding Power.


With best wishes for a happy new year,


Nalinaksha Bhattacharyya, PhD(Calcutta), PhD(UBC), CGA

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Harold T. Caven Professor of Business